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Shredding Services is based in Midland, WA. We were established to provide a level of service that crosses all boundaries in waste management. Rubbish disposal volumes are increasing concerns facing all Government, Shire and Commercial landfill owners. Shredding Services offers a cost effective, positive and productive solution for combating some of these
concerns by reducing waste to enhance the break down process. Provide an onsite shearing and shredding of green waste service. Shredding Services is committed to providing rural and mining areas assistance in their environmental rehabilitation/recycling commitments. The shredder has the capabilities to shred a wide range of products from timber to plastic to light gauge steel, tyres, mattresses and much more. The specifically designed shredder covers all aspects of waste management efficiently and safely.

Shredding Services also has equipment to support the shredder and provide a complete service without the need to hire subcontractors. Shredding Services has the capabilities to provide a “one shop” service of “load, shred and cart” which provides our clients with maximum efficiencies, reliability and a smooth process until the job is finished.

Shredding Services is available statewide. Call today for a quote:-