• Where are you based?
    Midland, WA. However, we service rural and metropolitan areas Australia wide. Please call to discuss your specific requirements.
  • Where have you worked?
    We have worked on various projects through out WA
    and have been awarded local government green waste
    tendered contracts.
  • What about the shredder?
    The shredder is a high performance machine which operates with very low noise and dust generation. Our full shredding service can downsize a wide range of products by 30 - 50%, if not more. It works hard to get the job done!
  • How long does it take?
    Some approximate estimates -

    Timber: 40 tonne p/hr
    Green waste: 40 tonne p/hr
    White goods: 30 tonne p/hr
    Bulky waste: 30 tonne p/hr
    Wooden sleepers: 25 tonne p/hr
    Power poles: 25 tonne p/hr
    Tyres: 10 tonne p/hr
  • Do you provide other services?
    Low Loader hire and bulk tipper hire-Competitive rates